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DANA Triple Threat

DANA Triple Threat

The DANA Triple Threat, created in 2013, is a program that acknowledges the generous contributions of DANA members. Each DANA member that contributes at least $75.00 each to DANA-Political Action Committee (PAC), CRNA-PAC, and the AANA Foundation (total contribution $225.00) will receive this honorable status.

Both the DANA-PAC (state) and CRNA-PAC (national/AANA) need your support! We know CRNAs are highly-educated, cost-effective, and high-quality anesthesia providers. Your DANA Board and Committee members represent YOU every year on Capitol Hill in April, educating legislators on all aspects of a CRNA - who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Contributions to each PAC support candidates for legislative office on both sides of the aisle who are supportive of CRNA and APRN legislative issues.

Proof is power! The AANA Foundation and its support of groundbreaking CRNA research, education, and development are critically important to our profession. Your generous contributions to the AANA Foundation will continue to nurture the future of all CRNAs. Please make your generous donation to the AANA Foundation today as we celebrate the Ruby Red 40th Anniversary of the Foundation’s mission of advancing the science of anesthesia through education and research!

Contributions to the AANA Foundation are tax-deductible! Gifts to PACs are NOT tax-deductible due to political purposes. You are free to contribute more or less than the guidelines suggest. The associations will not favor or disadvantage you by reason of the amount contributed or the decision not to contribute.

Click on the stars below to make your donations. 

The Delaware Association of Nurse Anesthetists Political Action Committee, created in 2006, is a nonpartisan separate segregated fund that supports Delaware campaign candidates who are influential to CRNAs’ interest in Delaware health policy.

The DANA-PAC supports campaign candidates who will be the strongest advocates on issues of importance to CRNAs such as, CRNA scope of practice, patient safety, access to high quality health care, and educational funding.

The AANA Foundation celebrates 40 years!

The AANA Foundation was incorporated on July 15, 1981, and celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2021. For the past 40 years, the AANA Foundation has supported critically important nurse anesthesia education and research programs and opportunities for CRNAs and SRNAs nationwide. Please join us in celebrating this milestone in our profession. Thank you to all who have supported the Foundation with their time, treasure, and talent!

Text CRNA14 to 71777 to contribute to the AANA Foundation

Governed by a Committee of CRNAs, the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Political Action Committee (CRNA-PAC), is a non-partisan separate segregated fund that supports the federal election campaigns of candidates who are influential to CRNAs’ interests in federal health policy.

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