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Rules and Regulations

These sites publish online rules and regulations pertinent to our profession.

Delaware Nurse Practice Act
Sec. 1902 has the most pertinent provisions, but there are other references to APRNs throughout.

Delaware Board of Nursing Rules
APRNS are addressed in sec. 8.0 beginning on page 32

Delaware Free Standing Surgical Center (FSSC) Rules
Administration of anesthesia is addressed in sec. 10.0, but there may be other pertinent provisions as well (e.g.,2.3 regarding definitions, and 4.5.8 regarding pre-anesthesia assessment)

Delaware Hospital Rules
For staffing and organizations, sec. 4.0 of these rules appears to defer to a hospitals accrediting organization (e.g., The Joint Commission, etc.) if you ever need these accrediting standards, please contact us.

Delaware Board of Dentistry Rules
Anesthesia in the Dental Office Setting is addressed in sec. 7.0 beginning on page 7. CRNA’s are addressed in (Conscious Sedation) and (Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia).

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