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DANA Student Essays

SRNAs from Drexel University shared their experiences at the 2017 AANA Annual Meeting. Thank you to all of the SRNAs for their interest and participation in AANA events. Thank you also to the many individual CRNAs for their Sponsorships and Support of  SRNAs, the Future of our profession.

Rachel Delmar, SRNA

2017 Mid-Year Assemby:

Through the generosity of the Delaware Association of Nurse Anesthetists, I attended the Mid-Year Assembly this past spring as a new SRNA.  Although I had only just begun to learn the basics of becoming a CRNA, I was excited to go to Washington D.C. to help advocate for this profession.  It was inspirational to meet so many CRNA’s who are passionate about this profession.  Most importantly I began to understand the political side of healthcare and the impact we have on the future of CRNA’s and the general population.   I am so grateful for this opportunity so early on in my education because I can still make a positive impact to politicians about nurse anesthetists even as a student. 

Rachel Delmar, SRNA, Drexel University  

Rajaee B., SRNA

Dover Day:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in Dover Day in Delaware. This experience was especially rewarding for student nurse anesthetists. After seeing the amount of legislative effort it takes to maintain and promote our practice, I understand the importance of being proactive. Our day started with an educational lunch where President Will Arocho, CRNA, Mr. Tim Holleran, CRNA, and Mr. Delphos Price, CRNA educated the SRNAs about the APRN consensus model and the impact it will have on nurse anesthesia. Then we walked to Legislative Hall. Visiting Legislative Hall gave us the chance to see the democratic process in action as it pertains to our profession. Our D.A.N.A. Lobbyist explained some the various nuances of the political process.

Some other highlights of the day were meeting Delaware State Representatives and educating them about D.A.N.A. and the profession of nurse anesthesia, along with the proposed national consensus model. We were then able to sit on the floor while the House was in session. D.A.N.A. and three of my Drexel University Nurse Anesthesia Program colleagues who are all doing clinical work at Christiana Cares Health System were introduced to the House by Representative Rebecca Walker, RN. Shortly after being introduced, representative Paul Baumbach shook my hand and stated “you all are becoming a permanent fixture here”. That was a testament to the hard work D.A.N.A. has done to make our elected officials aware of our presence.  Thank you again for this opportunity and experience.

Rajaee B.,SRNA

Rajaee B., SRNA


I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Delaware Association of Nurse Anesthetists for affording me the opportunity to attend the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Mid Year Assembly in Washington, D.C. this spring 2013. Attending this event really inspired me to be proactive in the legislative process related to nurse anesthesia.  I learned a great deal about many of the issues pertinent to the nurse anesthesia profession from the various speakers as well as the importance of staying abreast of current legislative initiatives on Capitol Hill.  I learned why we must support our State and AANA-PAC funding. I also gained valuable insight into the purpose and importance of lobbying our legislators.

I was able to meet and converse with several prominent figures in nurse anesthesia when we were not in conference. There was a plethora of AANA executives, program directors, educators, business owners and students willing to talk and share their experiences and expertise in nurse anesthesia. It gave me a broad perspective of the many aspects of nurse anesthesia practice.

Meeting our state legislators was an amazing experience. I was both impressed and surprised by the fact that representatives of the legislative body were very much aware of the Nurse anesthesia profession, as well as nurse anesthetists’ contribution to the health care system on a national level. They were familiar with, and even sympathetic to, many of the challenges our profession faces, ranging from drug shortages to educational funding. This reinforced the importance of CRNAs maintaining a continual presence on Capitol Hill, if there is to be progression and changes made in the future for our profession.

Thanks again for this learning opportunity DANA,

Rajaee B., SRNA

Erica L., SRNA


I just wanted to write you a quick note of thanks for allowing me the opportunity to participate in Dover Day. It was truly amazing to be able to meet with members of  not only the the community, but also members of legislation. I found talking to and educating these people on the profession of Nurse Anesthesia to be very rewarding. It was equally gratifying to be awarded the opportunity to sit in on a meeting. This is something I had always dreamed of doing. To add, the “icing on the cake” was getting to meet the Governor, getting to shake his hand, and even getting to take a photo together.

Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity that I will never forget.


Oladeji B., SRNA


Thank you for your help, support, and encouragement during the MYA. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I hope to stay in touch and looking forward to DANA events in the future.

Oladeji  B., SRNA

Julianne E., SRNA


As a fairly new anesthesia student, I am interested in learning and experiencing every aspect of my future profession. Prior to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Mid Year Conference I was solely focused on learning the principle, technique and art of anesthesia. This conference identified the importance of being involved politically in my professional association as well. It opened my eyes to the battles that these professionals dispute on a daily basis to protect the practice of nurse anesthesia. Additionally, I was able to represent the profession as well as my fellow student nurse anesthetists on Capitol Hill by educating the Delaware representatives. This included enlightening these statesmen about drug shortages, access to care issues and lack of educational funding.

Not only was the conference insightful politically, but it also allowed me to see the support practicing CRNAs provide for anesthesia students. In protecting their profession’s future, nurse anesthetists place significant importance on the education and well-being of their student population. In addition, it was inspiring to see the camaraderie amongst the practicing CRNAs as well as their love for the practice of anesthesia. Therefore the Mid Year Conference was not only educational but also reaffirmed my choice in careers, and inspired me to continue to strive towards my ultimate goal.

 Julianne E., SRNA

Laura C., SRNA


It was such an honor to be sponsored by DANA to attend the 2013 AANA Mid-Year Assembly in Washington D.C. This conference was extremely enlightening and inspiring. As a first year student, I was unaware of the extreme commitment, dedication and activism that CRNAs must demonstrate on a continuous basis in order to preserve and protect this well established profession. Being able to meet with the Delaware representatives on Capitol Hill and to share my personal voice from an SRNA perspective was truly empowering. Participating in the legislative process so early on in my journey has cemented my involvement in the future; it would seem almost negligent to know how much work and involvement it takes to protect our profession, and not be involved.

Becoming politically involved on a local, state and national level is something that I will hopefully fulfill in the future upon graduating. Along with this great learning opportunity, I also took away something extremely heartening. Nurse anesthetists are not just a fantastic group of professionals who provide safe, quality and effective anesthesia care to their patients; they are a huge family. Hundreds of anesthetist and students gathered at this assembly to share a common cause and to represent the care they provide. The DANA board members took us under their wings, showed us the ropes of our profession, and left us inspired. Thank you for this amazing opportunity, looking forward to attending the future meetings.

Laura C.,SRNA

Alyssa J., SRNA

I wanted to take a moment to thank DANA and its members for my sponsorship to attend the 2013 AANA Mid-Year Assembly in Washington, D.C.  As a first year anesthesia student, I am often extremely narrow focused and  unaware of the National issues that are affecting CRNA practice, and that will continue to affect our practice in the future.  This experience opened my eyes to the importance of these issues and the importance of early involvement, even as a student.

The MYA conferences where very informative, providing me with the knowledge and confidence to discuss current state and national practice issues with our state legislators.  The consequent meetings were most beneficial.  Feeling the value of my presence, even as a SRNA, was exciting and empowering.

Connecting with CRNAs and SRNAs from other parts of the country also afforded the opportunity to learn about regional practice issues and how we can better work as a cohesive team to improve and expand practice nationally.  My attendance at MYA inspired me to look beyond my current role as a student, to stay abreast with practice issues, and to strive to make a difference anywhere I can.

Alyssa J., SRNA

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