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Scholarships Available to DANA Members

We are pleased to make these opportunities known to our membership. If you would like to support the Ed Hyland Scholarship Award through the AANA Foundation, please click here to donate at AANA’s site.

Ed Hyland Scholarship Award

Sponsored by the Delaware Association of Nurse Anesthetists

This award is bestowed annually in honor of Ed Hyland, CRNA. A dedicated and caring nurse anesthetist, Ed Hyland was a valued mentor to colleagues and students alike. Throughout his life, Ed Hyland displayed the professionalism and dedication that is the hallmark of a nurse anesthetist. He did this, not only through his service to our nation, but also during his civilian career and even throughout his battle with cancer. For this and many other attributes, the Delaware Association of Nurse Anesthetists has dedicated this scholarship award to honor his memory. It is bestowed annually to a student nurse anesthetist who is practicing clinically within the state of Delaware and who exemplifies outstanding qualities in nurse anesthesia practice.

AANA Student Scholarships

AANA offers student scholarships to individuals in accredited CRNA programs. Criteria include:

  • Student must be an AANA member
  • Applicant must have completed at least 1 year of courses in an accredited CRNA program by the March application deadline date
  • An AANA Foundation Scholarship Program application must be completed
  • The application includes a list of student involvement and accomplishments including awards, publications, community service, and involvement in professional organizations
  • The applicant must also type a short essay describing why nurse anesthesia was chosen as a profession and state professional goals for the future
  • The applicant must have their primary clinical site at a hospital within the state of Delaware
  • Preference is given to a Delaware resident

Scholarships are available to all nurse anesthesia students currently enrolled in an accredited nurse anesthesia program. Students must be in good standing within the attended program and meet the specific scholarship requirements outlined in the application.

Student Scholarship applications and award information are available now! More information can be obtained at the AANA Foundation’s site.

Angeline Solway Award

Sponsored by the Delaware Association of Nurse Anesthetists
The Angeline Solway award is awarded to an active member of the DANA who exemplifies professionalism and dedication to the field of nurse anesthesia both clinically and professionally through membership in the DANA. This award is presented in honor of Angeline Solway, CRNA, past president of the DANA, who throughout her career, was a dedicated member and active participant in the affairs of the DANA.

Criteria for the Angeline Solway Award

(Approved by the DANA Board of Directors July 2006)

  • Continuous active membership in the AANA for the preceding (15) years
  • Active in the affairs of the DANA
  • Must have served at least (5) years as an active member of the DANA board.
  • Sitting board members are not eligible.
  • No person shall receive the award more than once.

Nominations may be made by any member of the DANA in good standing. Nominations should be submitted to any board member, in writing, stating the reasons for the nomination. The board will consider all nominations during executive session and should a selection be made, the award will be presented at the next regular business meeting of the DANA.

This is NOT to be considered an award to be bestowed annually.

No previous recipient of the award will be affected by criteria formulated after the date of their recognition.

Nominations for Angeline Solway Award

(Approved by DANA Board of Directors October 2009)

  • All nominations for the Angie Solway Award should be submitted in writing to a DANA board member.
  • Nominations will be accepted from October 30th through August 31st.
  • Please include candidate’s name and title, along with address and place of employment.
  • Submit a detailed description of why you feel this CRNA exemplifies the practice of nurse anesthesia.
  • Consideration will be made for all CRNA’s who qualify according to the award criteria as noted in the bylaws.
  • A candidate meeting all required qualifications will be notified upon executive board decision.
Ed Hyland Award Recipient

Del Price, and Ron Castaldo flanking Barb Bradbury SRNA, 2009 Ed Hyland Award Recipient

Ed Hyland Scholarship Recipients

2017 Olga Savoskina
David Krasucki
Emilie Miller
Redemptor Atumna
Justine Wright
2012 Jineen Redden-Huff
2011 Kathleen Bond
2010 Jessie Williams
2009 Barbara Bradbury
2008 Barbara Evans
2007 Sarah Callan
2006 Jessica Travis
2005 Holly Gulli
2004 Marilyn Murr
2003 Dale Robertson

Angeline Solway Award Recipients

1998-1999 Angeline Solway, CRNA
2000-2001 Cheryl Richter, CRNA, MS
2002-2003 Gloria Zehnacker, CRNA
2010-2011 Russ Zehnacker, CRNA
2011-2012 Gerri Irish, CRNA
2013-2014 Delphos E. Price, Jr., CRNA

A message from Russ Zehnacker, Angeline Solway Award Recipient 2010

To: DANA Board of Directors and Members

When I received the e-mail telling me I had been selected to receive the DANAs Angeline Solway Award, I was surprised to say the least. Receiving this award is indeed a great honor as I have had the privilege of knowing Angie as her student, co worker and friend.
This month, marks the 35th anniversary of my entrance into practice as a CRNA. The field of nurse anesthesia has been good to me over the years, largely in part, due to the work of the AANA and DANA to protect my practice rights. The time I spent involved in these two organizations over the past years was time invested in assuring that future CRNAs would enjoy the same, or improved, level of practice, professionalism, and recognition.
Even though you may not see me at as many meetings, causing trouble, as in the past, rest assured that I am still keeping an eye on what’s happening both on a national and local level regarding the practice of nurse anesthesia. If I see or hear of an issue I feel strongly about, you will hear from me!
To the students and new CRNAs in the room. This is YOUR association! It can only be as strong and effective as YOU choose to make it! If you like the practice, recognition, and salary you now enjoy, get involved and stay involved, because believe me, there are those who would like to take that all away from you, and they WILL be involved in their cause!
In closing, I wish to thank the DANA board for selecting me for this honor. I apologize for not being able to attend the meeting to receive it personally, but a prior commitment prevailed. I wish you all a great annual meeting, and continued success in the field of nurse anesthesia.
Russ Zehnacker, CRNA

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