Past Presidents

We are proud to have a long line of talented individuals who have given of their time to lead our organization.

Past Presidents of the Delaware Association of Nurse Anesthetists

1953 Vivian M. Brown 1st DANA President

1973-2012: Term of office was 2 years

1973-1975 Angie Solway
1975-1977 J. Ray Humpreys
1977-1981 Russ Zehnacker (two terms)
1981-1985 Virginia Behan

Term of office changed to one year with a year as President-Elect preceding.
Also, the annual meeting date was changed from Spring to Fall.

1985 Geraldine Irish
1986 John Strange
1987 Patricia Dailey
1988 Robert Arbeene
1989 Gloria Zehnacker
1990 Martha Turner
1991 Russ Zehnacker
1992 Donna Minner
1993 Linda Smack
1994 Donna Minner
1995 Patricia Dailey
1996 Gloria Zehnacker
1997 Cheryl Richter
1998 Judith Ellers
1999 Donna Minner
2000 Cheryl Richter
2001 Cheryl Richter
2002 Gloria Zehnacker
2003 Delphos Price, Jr.
2004 David Klopfenstein
2005 Delphos Price, Jr.
2006 Russ Zehnacker
2007 Ronald Castaldo
2008 Rebecca Cecala
2009 Carolyn Lane (Ronald Castaldo re-elected, then also elected to AANA Board of Directors as Region 6 Director. Carolyn Lane assumed DANA Presidency.)
2010 Cheryl Gamble
2011 Rebecca Cecala
2012 Ronald Castaldo
2013 Wilfredo Arocho
2014 Cheryl Gamble
2015 Suzanne Ariza

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