About Our Organization

The Delaware Association of Nurse Anesthetists (DANA) was formed March 12th,1953 and is a member organization of the national American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. Our membership is comprised of nurse anesthetists who work in hospitals, surgery centers and office-based practices throughout Delaware and the surrounding area.

The DANA strives to assure the highest standard of anesthesia care for our patients while promoting the professional well being and interests of its members.

We are advocates, working together to bring about legislative change and maintaining vigilance regarding legislative issues that affect the conduct of anesthesia care in Delaware.
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We are professionals, working to continually update and enhance our skills while advancing the art and science of nurse anesthesia through the continuing education of our CRNAs.

The DANA needs your help! We’d like to invite you to join in our efforts. If you’re interested in becoming part of an organization that can really make a difference here in Delaware, then please contact us today!
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Want more information about ways you can get involved? See our DANA Committees at-a-glance

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